State government misses the target on sub-contractor payments

Published: 16 Aug 2016

The news released today by the Liberal-National Government of a package of measures that would see sub-contractors not dudded on payments is disingenuous to the problems facing sub-contractors on major government projects.

It will certainly bring no relief to sub-contractors who are still owed tens of millions of dollars on projects such as the new Perth Children’s Hospital and other major government funded projects.

CFMEU State Secretary Mick Buchan says; “The State Government has been missing in action on this issue for the past four years. Now they are trying to create the perception that they are doing something to fix the problem. But we are concerned that these measures will not go far enough to ensure security of payment for sub-contractors for works completed.

While they twiddled their thumbs, we have seen countless subbies sent to the wall, some even taking their own life over non-payment issues. Workers have suffered greatly as well by missing out on wages and entitlements, it’s completely unfair as it stands, with head contractors holding all the cards.

If you work on a project, you should be paid for it. No construction project, whatever the value should leave a legacy of pain for sub-contractors or workers that have worked hard to build it.

This is about people’s livelihoods and no-one should be out of pocket for work performed.”