STAND UP: STOP the War on Workers and Jobs.

Published: 4 Jul 2017

Over the past few months we have been rallying against the WAR on WORKERS. The Federal Liberal government is doing everything it can to take away your rights, to reduce your pay and make you slaves to a low wage – company rich economy. Are you just going to stand there and cop it – or stand up?

Working people and families are under attack from the Turnbull government. It seems everything is done for the big end of town and nothing for anyone else. We’ve seen the Federal Government reintroduce the ABCC. This is how it impacts on jobs, opportunities and workers’ rights.

  • The ABCC promotes casualisation in the workplace- NO Limits. NO permanency or job security.
  • Dodgy Labour Hire companies now have open slather on federal projects. Union agreements voted for are watered down or torn up. Workers go without basic conditions.
  • There can be no quota for apprentices and Women workers on construction sites
  • Safety comes last. Under the last ABCC regime 330 workers died, the ABCC investigated none! Too many people die doing their job through no fault of their own. Worker’s rights to be represented and protected by unions are stripped away.
  • 457 visa workers can be imported to take jobs. It is will a race to the bottom at a time when companies are making record profits and workers go without.

On top of that we have seen the Turnbull government support massive…

Penalty rate cuts, cuts to pensions and cuts to training.

Profit rich multi-nationals get away with paying little or NO tax

Low or no paid internships are being introduced to facilitate low paid labour

Wage growth is at a standstill yet companies make record profits and banks increase interest rates outside of the Reserve bank.

Wage theft is rife- young people (your kids) are being massively underpaid and ripped off.

Poor people on welfare have been hounded to repay huge debts, in cases where debts don’t even exist, driving many to the point of suicide.

Through bad laws and anti-worker legislation workers have had their rights greatly diminished. We are in a period of having Work choices introduced by stealth. The pendulum has swung too far and too much power has been invested into the hands of employers and politicians. Enough is enough. Get active. Get loud. Be union proud.

We will continue to Rally against the WAR on Workers right up until the next federal election. Join us. Stand up and Fight Back.