If we want real change, we have to make it happen

Published: 4 Jul 2017


These days we have to make change happen by taking up the fight politically as well as industrially. Where there are bad laws we have to change them. Where they are injustices we have to make them right. Where good policies don’t exist we need to play a role in shaping them.

ALL CFMEU WA Members can help the fight.

Our own CFMEU WA ALP branch has worked hard to frame policy to achieve better outcomes for workers and their families. Already we have seen some positive decisions with LOCAL Jobs and content. More needs to be done. We need to focus on changes to Labour Hire operation, workplace safety and training outcomes.

We can achieve that by having more CFMEU members join our WA Labor branch. Call our CFMEU WA Political Organiser Steve Catania now on 92286900 or email [email protected] each member we have can help to make real change happen.

Local Content- WA Labor Getting the Job Done

The Construction of the Perth Stadium Footbridge has Been Brought Back to WA

The McGowan Labor Government has announced that it will have the Swan River Pedestrian Bridge built locally, creating about 250 jobs locally in Western Australia.

The steel deck and arch components of the bridge were being fabricated in Malaysia, but it was plagued by delays, with the Malaysian subcontractor repeatedly failing to meet delivery timeframes. None of the arches have yet arrived despite numerous assurances.


The McGowan Government has engaged with the head contractor over a series of meetings, to gain more control over a timely delivery of the project after the previous approach left the State virtually powerless.


After announcing the decision, Premier Mark McGowan said:


"This is a significant win for Western Australia and the best outcome for our local economy. We're securing new local jobs and have renegotiated a complex contract to give us the best chance to have the bridge delivered in time to coincide with the opening events of the stadium. My Government was elected to put WA jobs first and that's exactly what's happening here."


Local Jobs - McGowan Government delivers commitment to prioritise WA workers

The McGowan Government has delivered its election commitment to keep Western Australian jobs in WA. During the State election campaign, WA Labor promised to tear up the list of occupations that fast-tracked overseas workers to WA.


The 2016 Western Australian Skilled Migration Occupation List (WASMOL) included 178 occupations such as engineers, bricklayers and nurses. These workers could be sought from overseas despite WA's soaring unemployment and, in many cases, local workers who are capable of carrying out the work. Premier Mark McGowan has announced that a new list has been developed that contained 18 occupations where there is a genuine need to attract overseas workers.


Premier Mark McGowan said:"In the current economic climate, it's more important than ever that we maximise employment opportunities for Western Australians. Our policy will ensure that, whenever possible, Western Australians will be given first preference on WA jobs. It doesn't make sense to fast-track workers from overseas when there are unemployed Western Australians who are capable of doing the work.”


Progressive Labor Here to Stay – Join our WA ALP branch

As you may have heard in the media, the CFMEU has decided to leave the Broad Left faction of the WA Labor party and enter into a new alliance with other unions in a new group that is known as Progressive Labor.

Progressive Labor has come about from the hope that things can be done better - that things must be done better.

Formed with union leaders from the MUA, TWU, SDA, AWU, RTBU and other like-minded unions, Progressive Labor is a group of progressive and disciplined WA Labor members who champion traditional labor values, organised labour and encourage and support candidates for electoral success who respect and advocate for all members of the community.

The Progressive Labor values are as follows:

  1. To promote fairness and equality
  2. To fight against injustice and inequality
  3. To defend worker and labour rights
  4. To promote and encourage free and open democracy
  5. To create economic opportunities for all Australians

In addition, Progressive Labor takes a truly consultative approach. Progressive Labor works on a consensus model, which means that those that are affiliated will first try and reach an agreed common position, and in the event that this cannot be achieved, each group is free to act and vote in a manner that is consistent with the interests of those that it represents.

The CFMEU is of the view that its involvement with Progressive Labor will assist in the fight to bring about better, fairer and safer working conditions for its members. So we ask you for your support by joining our WA Labor branch and Progressive Labor.