Delivering Better Quality for WA

Published: 12 Dec 2018

The CFMEU WA has released a new procurement policy to build a stronger economy, a better construction sector and a more secure future for our members.

The community expects the government to deliver the services and infrastructure we need, and to ensure work undertaken in the interests of the people is done so ethically, responsibly and in line with their expectations of proper behaviour.

While the government may outsource the delivery of projects, they cannot outsource the political risk, nor their obligations to the community.  Yet in recent years, the government has increasingly outsourced delivery of services and projects to companies who behave unscrupulously.

Rife across outsourcing is price gouging, under-delivery, time and cost over-runs, exploitation of workers, unconscionable conduct towards subcontractors and threats to worker and community safety.

While other States have taken decisive action to reverse the trend in outsourcing and focus on total value measures, Western Australia continues to be an uninformed purchaser beholden to commercial interests and advancing a broken, self-interested outsourcing model that delivers insecure work for an increasingly fragmented workforce.

We seek to make an informed and sensible contribution to the development of a better way for the Western Australian Government to procure and deliver services.  We believe it is time for the government to use some of the biggest levers it has – how it procures and delivers projects and services – to deliver long-term dividends for the State.

The CFMEU WA  hope this is the start of a conversation that will see better outcomes delivered for the community, cost savings over the longer-term and allow our hardworking members to have secure, long-term jobs.

The problems we've seen on recent Government projects like the Children's Hospital and the Forrestfield Airport Link tunnels show that the people of Western Australia are not always getting value for their infrastructure investment. We encourage everyone to download a copy of 'Delivering Quality for WA' and take some time to read about how better procurement practices by our State Government could deliver better value to our industry and to the West Australian taxpayer.