CFMEU Welcomes WA Jobs First Policy Announcement

Published: 13 Dec 2016


The Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) has congratulated WA Labor on their plan to create more jobs for Western Australians, by ripping up the Western Australian Skilled Migration Occupations List (WASMOL) and demanding that Perth no longer be considered a ‘region’ as a part of the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS). 

CFMEU State Secretary, Mick Buchan said that WA has the highest jobless rate in the whole country and this announcement is welcome recognition that we need urgent action on WA’s worsening jobs crisis. 

“The State Government has been asleep at the wheel when it comes to jobs and planning for the future. It has failed to act, while the WA jobless rate has dramatically increased and more and more WA families are doing it tough. In WA, where total unemployment is at 6.5 per cent, there are 12,733 457 primary visa workers. Of those, 2180 are in construction

The WASMOL is produced by the State Government and provided to the Federal Government and is used to guide the State Nominated migration program. The list has more than a hundred occupations on it, including bricklayers, wall and floor tilers and fibrous and solid plasterers – where overseas workers can be fast tracked to WA. 

“WA Construction Industry unemployment has more than doubled since 2013. It is an absolute disgrace that the State Government is still actively promoting the need to fast track bricklayers and wall and floor tilers from overseas. 

“It is clear that the State Government is completely out of touch with construction workers and the WA community. We speak to our members every day, many are struggling to find work and the coming Christmas period will be one of stress and anxiety, not joy. 

CFMEU WA State Secretary Mick Buchan has congratulated WA Labor on their plan to demand that Perth no longer be considered a ‘region’ as a part of the RSMS, which provides an additional pathway for skilled workers to obtain a visa to work in Australia. 

“We have said time and again that Perth needs to be removed from the RSMS. The economy has changed, we have just come off the back of a mining boom and we have precious little to show for it. 

“We need to invest in skills and training, so that our young people can get a start in life, not encourage unscrupulous employers to pray on vulnerable overseas workers who are used as cheap labour and are in many cases not even qualified, they do so in the pursuit of making a quick buck at the expense of local workers.

The CFMEU has congratulated WA Labor on the WA Jobs first policy.