What a tremendous victory it was on Saturday 11 March against the WA Liberals and their tired leader.

Prior to ‘Election Day’ there were many who thought that Labor would win, very few however predicted the enormous scale of the victory.  It just goes to show the amount of pent-up frustration that was let loose on 11 March.

For eight and a half years Western Australians had endured the inequity and financial mismanagement of a conservative government led by Colin Barnett. Western Australians could not afford four more years of Barnett and his cronies’ attacks on working people. They overwhelmingly rejected the WA Libs anti-worker agenda and voted for a progressive Labor government that promises to deliver WA jobs, local content, save our public assets and provide training opportunities for our kids.

The size of the victory however, does not disguise the hard road ahead and what needs to be achieved, no thanks to the mess the WA Libs and the new Liberal leader Nahan left our state in.

It’s important to note just how significant this victory was.  Labor not only won a record amount of votes and seats to win government, the influence of One Nation was also minimised.

I congratulate Mark McGowan and WA Labor on their victory in bringing an end to eight and a half years of rising costs of living, soaring government debt, skyrocketing unemployment and broken promises. This election was fought on the issues that matter to working people, including jobs and putting a stop to privatization.

We are especially proud that the landslide result saw Matthew Swinbourn, Simon Millman, Barry Urban and Kyle McGinn elected to parliament. This is a testament to their hard work on the campaign trail. We know that they will continue to stand up for workers and the interests of working people as they take their place on the hill.

The commitment shown by our candidates and the hundreds of volunteers and rank and file members who worked tirelessly and gave Barnett and his out of touch government the boot was nothing short of outstanding. I thank everyone for their efforts, we were a force to be reckoned with and one that will continue to be harnessed right up until the next federal election.

We congratulate, but the struggle goes on. Malcom Turnbull take note you are next…

Having said that, it’s now time to get on with the job of repairing and diversifying our local WA economy to create more jobs and opportunities for all Western Australians, to get WorkSafe sorted out and to build a stronger community. Looking forward, it must be said that we need to build on our continuing membership within the WA ALP. We have to keep fighting on both an industrial and political front to create real change for the benefit of working people.

The result of 2017 is just the beginning….



Mick Buchan