Welcome to the 2018 CFMEU WA Member Benefit Program.

Being a paid up member, you are entitled to receive a free discount program powered by Entertainment Publications offering you and your family great savings here in WA, across Australia and in Bali.

The discounts will more than cover your membership cost - the more you use it the more you save!

When you are a paid up member you will get a CFMEU WA Benefits Club  personalized membership card.( this not your union card) You can use this benefits card at many of the participating businesses in the program like local cafes, pubs and restaurants. This program offers you savings on your weekly groceries, fuel bill and at over FOUR THOUSAND restaurants, shops, leisure activities, accommodation offers and much more throughout WA, Australia, Bali and New Zealand.

Remember your family members can use this too!

Use your mobile too

This year, accessing benefits is now much easier. A great new feature of the program is that you can view and redeem all offers on your mobile phone, including booking accommodation and online purchasing.

New website

Simply visit on your desktop or phone to see the full listing of benefits.The first time you visit the site, please log in with your member number and surname and click “remember me” to save you having to do this each time you redeem an offer.

Should you wish, you can still use your membership card to redeem at participating restaurants as mentioned in the intro.

Help or advice?

If you have any queries regarding the program, the Frequent Values customer service team will ensure your concerns are addressed in a timely, helpful and professional manner please call 1800 008 553.

Log in at

Please take the time to explore the many benefits available to you within the program and start saving.